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This month, I thought I would revisit my influences while growing up to get me where I am today with my art.  So, if you don’t mind, I’ll continue along the path of thinking back to when I first started drawing I’ll try to find any existing images that I may have in the blogs. It may take more than a few blogs to include the influences, but I promise to keep the blogs relatively short.  So join me, won’t you, as I journey back into my boyhood days and try to figure out how I came to be, artistically speaking, who I am now.


My very first memory of art was a Little Golden Book entitled The Color Kittens.  To my surprise, and I’ve only found out about this recently, it was written by Margaret Wise Brown.  The very same author of Good Night Moon. So, I can now say that I was influenced early on by Margaret Wise Brown!  Something to be proud of!

The illustrator was Martin Provensen whom I’ve come to know as a very prolific illustrator of the 50’s and 60’s.  His work is classic for that period and I really do think his is some of the best.

Anyway, back to The Color Kittens.  I remember looking that book at a very tender age of three or four and loving the little kitten antics with all their color mixing and goings on.  I LOVED THAT BOOK. 

It may be prophetic that years later, I would illustrate a book entitled JAZZ CATS written by David Davis.

However, I’m afraid that was the only book I remember from childhood, other than the Bible.  We Southern Baptist tended to read the Bible a lot.  My family did not have a lot of books around the house when I was growing up.  This was 1950’s post war, baby boom America and my parents were never went to college, they went to war.  Then went to work after the war and raised a family of three boys, me being the youngest.

Back to The Color Kittens, the kittens were painting and mixing.  They were silly and fun and I’ve just ordered a used copy from Amazon.  The original that I had, well, I don’t know whatever happened to it and it was lost in time.  But the memories remain and that’s what counts.

More blogs on my artistic influences are on the way, so please check back in the next few days.


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