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The summer is upon us. Schools are letting out and that can only mean that libraries will soon be hosting thousands of school kids at their summer reading programs. I’ve got a full slate of library programs scheduled for this summer’s theme: Ready, Set, Read!

I am currently working on the illustrations for another book for the American Bar Association. Written by Jo S. Kittinger, it’s entitled Back On Track. The story involves the main character, Crisitian, helping a friend’s brother, who has recently been released from prison, to find a way to reinstate his drivers license, get a job and get back on track. It’s a good story about finding one’s way to a productive future after making past mistakes.


The new mailers have come in. I’m very excited to have them. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sending them out to prospective clients.

The card has many illustration samples, the
notecard and the envelope are pretty cool,


I’ve been taking a writing class at Millsaps College this spring. The class is taught by a working writer and is promoted as a short story writing course. However a story is a story, it depends on what form the story takes. I my case, the writing is for magazine stories and picture books for children’s publishers.

For the first time in my years of writing, or trying to write, story structure makes sense. This course is in conjunction with my reading The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler. Characters, plot, motivation, back-story; all these elements in a story are highlighted in a way that I’m finally understanding the creative process of writing well.


Pretty excited to finally finish my promotional mailer. The front cover image is below. My goal is to send this mailer to children’s publisher, especially magazines to get project work. That’s the goal.

This image is one of many included in my new promotional mailer to be distributed over the
coming weeks.

The shipment is coming in on 18.May. I’ll be mailing them out soon after that.