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Working with students of all abilities is always fun when it comes to art integrated lessons. Even in Special Needs class, the arts can be educational and edifying.

In April, I worked with the Special Needs Class at the NW Rankin Elementary School. This residency was funded by the VSA Mississippi (Very Special Artists) with contributions from the Kennedy Center for the Arts. Jan Harkins, the class’s teacher is a dedicated instructor that helps these special students be exposed to the creation of art and to learn from the process.

Our project was decorating bisque vases with colored glaze to be later fired. The vases (shown in the pictures) were donated by The Mustard Seed, a Christian community for adults with developmental disabilities.

The students enjoyed the creative glazing process.

The students enjoyed the creative process of applying the glazes to the vases. Several students have developed their motor skills this year and were able to show off their special glazing technique.

After the glazes were dry, I took the vases to the Miss. Museum of Art where the vases were to be fired in their kiln. MMA donated the kiln time.

The vases were Mother’s Day gifts as well as gifts for other significant student helpers.