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Beinville Parish Library System
Arcadia, Louisiana- I drove over to here to the western parishes of Louisiana yesterday, yes, on July 4th, to get ready for the two days of library visits at the Beinville Parish Libraries. Usually, I don’t travel on a holiday, but the program was booked for July 5th, so I had to get over here to be ready for an early morning preparation. That’s how it goes sometimes.
Cheryl Hough models her Libraries Rock uniform.
Beinville Parish Libary Rocks!
  My first library presentation was at the main library in Arcadia. There, I met Cheryl Hough for the first time. Whenever a librarian gets into the character of the theme of the summer program, you never know what to expect. There was Cheryl in full 50s themed poodle skirt, white blouse with a monogrammed “C” on the upper right, saddle oxford shoes with bobby socks. She looked like she just came from a stage production of Grease!
  Of course, she was perfect to use during the program with the Rock’N’Roll Dogs book that I illustrated. She was a perfect example of what those kid’s great-grandmothers looked like when they were in high school. What a soda parlor, sock-hop vision she was!

Robin Word wears her hi-tops as if she was about to break out in a dance from West Side Story.
  Next stop was Ringgold Public Library. The crowd was a little older this time and much more curious about drawing. These kids were a fun group to work with because they were not afraid to speak right up.
  When I was showing them my favorite book when I was four years old, Color Kittens, they asked me to read the book to them.
The Color Kittens by Margaret Wise Brown. Yes, THAT Margaret Wise Brown, author of Good Night Moon.
So, I began reading about the adventures of Brush and Hush, the color kittens. They mixed all kinds of colored paint to mix up various colors all the while looking for the color green. One of the more rambunctious boys described his experience with color when he stated that when you pee into blue toilet water, it makes green! Well what do you know? You never know when an arts integration lesson rears its head. From a writer’s point of view, this little boy was talking about an honest experience about color. His experience… in his voice! You can’t write this kind of stuff.
  Tomorrow is another day in beautiful Beinville Parish.