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Labor Day Holiday
   Everything stops on Labor Day. Not much is going on. It almost feels like another Sunday. Sometimes, it’s good to take a day off and regroup as I prepare for the month and beyond.
   Around the studio, there are bits and pieces of work done that needs to be filed, bills that need to be paid, remnants of thoughts and deeds that need to be organized. I guess holidays are like a mental stop gap. Time to take a deep breath, look around and see how to move forward into the final quarter of 2018.
   Holidays are a good thing.


   The first full week of September is in the books.
Book Buddies
   I participate in a program called Book Buddies with the Jackson Public School System. The Book Buddy program pairs adults one-on-one with elementary school students who are struggling with their reading skills. This afternoon, I came back from my Book Buddy session with a 4th grade boy who loves all kinds of sports.
   So, we’ve begun reading books about sports and athlete biographies. The student is coming right along with his reading and comprehension. When he comes to a word that he doesn’t know, we sound it out, explain the definition of the word based on how it is used in the sentence, then reread the sentence for comprehension.
   I worked with this particular student last year and I can tell that he is a lot more confident now days with his reading than when we first started.
   It’s also pretty cool to hear the stories read by a student and then have them talk about the story and what it means to them.  

School Visits
   What better way to bring a book to life than to invite the author/illustrator to your school to show the students how they:
    A. Came up with the idea for the character and story
    B. Wrote the story’s text
    C. Worked the story’s illustration sequence out on a storyboard
    D. Sketched out the illustrations to fit the layout on the storyboard
    E. Finished the illustrations: 17 illustrations in one 32 page picture book
    F. Finally show the finished picture book right there in the session

   What student wouldn’t be amazed to find out that there are actually people out there in the world that do this kind of work… and they make a living at it?
   Well, that’s what I get to do coming up this fall. I’ll be traveling to several schools in Mississippi to do just that sort of presentation.

   Stay tuned for more information in subsequent (that’s a big word, isn’t it?) blog posts.