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Fees and Booking information

Book Festivals and Literary Conferences-

Literary events are a favorite of Chuck's yearly travel schedule. Many times, his publishers will arrange the bookings for the events and travel arrangements. However, he is certainly open to speaking to event organizers about speaking at their events. Feel free to contact Chuck regarding your event:

Since Chuck has many publishers across the country he is not able to participate at events that require fees for booths. Usually the publisher will have a booth on site where they will have author's books available for purchase and autographing. If the publisher is not attending the event, the event organizer usually provides a booth, free of charge, for the authors to autograph their books.

Library and School Presentations-

Chuck's fee is structured on a $200.00 per presentation basis with a 75-100 student per presentation limit.   Please consider that there is a three presentation minimum for each day.   Depending on your needs, there are usually four to five presentations per day.   Many schools like to have a teacher in-service workshop (click here for more details) for training credits. Often, schools like to have an evening PTO/Family Night program worked into the day's visit.

Travel expenses-

Travel expenses are not included in the daily rate and can be discussed when contacted. The host organization is responsible for booking all hotel and meal accomodations, and airline and local transportation. I fly out of Jackson-Evers International Airport (JAN). Please take into consideration travel time to and from your event site when planning my speaking schedule. Chuck needs to be at the airport at least one hour before flight departure.

Please use the contact page to describe any specific requests or subjects for your particular program I'll be happy to work with you to create a wonderful experience for all your students.
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