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2017 Summer Library Program

For the 2017 Summer Library Program theme, Build A Better World, Chuck has prepared several age appropriate programs for your library, one hour in length, sure to delight participants.   Below are descriptions for each program.

The 60 minute program is formatted in several sections:

10 minutes- a quick lesson on drawing out ideas on paper working with pencils, paper, and design aspects of art. Projected images visually show the process.

10 minutes- Build A Better World project introduction: How much weight will spachetti hold?

40 minutes- Chuck will work with the children as they create a project where spaghetti will hold an unbelievable amount of weight. The project is based on STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) school lessons.

10 minutes- Reflections: what did we learn today?

Grades K-3; Drawing An Idea
Participants will-
• learn to draw an idea on paper before it is constructed.
• using shapes made with construction paper, the project will be completed.

Grades 4-6; Design and Draw Your Own Blueprint!
Participants will learm about-
• Plan and Design their weight baring project on paper.
• Construct their project with paper.

Teens-  Predicting the Future With Blueprints
Participants will learn to-
• Design a paper project on paper that will hold weight.
• Build the project.
• Test the constructed project with books used as weights.
• Analyze the project for successes and failures.

2017 Summer Library Schedule-
There have already been a few dates scheduled, I'll be happy to try to accomodate your specific scheduling needs. Take a look at my calendar for your planning;

• $200 per one hour session
• 53.5¢ per mile in order to drive to your library
• Food and lodging are requested and can be worked out
• 2-3 (and more) library package prices available on request. Book your whole library system for volume savings.

Please email me with questions:

Grades K-3Grades 4-6Middle SchoolHigh School
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