Chuck Galey

Chuck Galey Studio offering illustration for children's publishing.


Grades K-3

Animal Parts for Grades K-3

The Animal Parts presentation takes the beginning reader and inspires them to look at books and illustration in a whole new way. By demonstrating drawing, encouraged by the students' suggestions, I draw different animals combined with other animals to create new life forms on the page. I also like to show a little bit of the creative process for illustrations.

Grades 4-6


The creative process is emphasized in this grade level program.  By using visual aids such as original thumbnail sketches, pencil sketches and finished art, the students then begin to see how a book is created from text to printed book.

They always like to see the process of drawing, so I introduce them to basic drawing skills with

shapes and concepts for an illustrated page.

Middle/High School


 Since students in these grade levels are more interested in the process of art, my presentation differs a bit from the younger students' activities. In this presentation, we discuss illustration as a visual storytelling medium. By showing illustrations from concept to finish, the students observe a broader view of illustration and how it can enhance a picture book's qualities. Please read my blog about a graphic novel residency.  I think those lessons would work well for this age group. 

College Art / Creative Writing


I taught illustration at Mississippi State University for nine years.  My students worked with techniques and concepts on a very finished level. The program I have in mind for an artist-in-residence program is to take the students from a written text, sketch out ideas for the illustrated page and to proceed to finished art. Through this exercise, the students gain the experience of taking a written concept such as a narrative and creating a visual world where the characters can exist.

College Library Science

Art Gallery / Exhibit

Library science university presentations are a favorite of mine because the students love books. This presentation invites students into the creative process of the book. It includes working with various media to expose the students to the artistic approach to illustration.


Conferences & Book Festivals


Over the years, I've given presentations and was the keynote speaker at several SCBWI conferences and children't book festivals. These are some of my favorite because there a folks there who love children's books as much as I do.

Invite me to your school or event!

Literary events

Literary events are a favorite of my yearly travel schedule. Many times, his publishers will arrange the bookings for the events and travel arrangements. However, he is certainly open to speaking to event organizers about speaking at their events. 

Since I has many publishers across the country I am not able to participate at events that require fees for booths. Usually the publisher will have a booth on site where they will have author's books available for purchase and autographing. If the publisher is not attending the event, the event organizer usually provides a booth, free of charge, for the authors to autograph their books.

Feel free to contact me regarding your event by clicking on the contact page and sending me an email.

Library and School Presentations

   My fee is structured on a $200.00 per presentation basis with a 75-100 student per presentation limit.   Please consider that there is a three presentation minimum for each day.  

   Depending on your needs, there are usually four to five presentations per day.   Many schools like to have a teacher in-service workshop for training credits. Often, schools like to have an evening PTO/Family Night program worked into the day's visit. 

Travel expenses

Travel expenses are not included in the daily rate and can be discussed when contacted. The host organization is responsible for booking all hotel and meal accomodations, and airline and local transportation. I fly out of Jackson-Evers International Airport (JAN). Please take into consideration travel time to and from your event site when planning my speaking schedule.